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Expert Window Repair and Replacement

Here at Crystal Clear Glazing we are specialists in window and door repairs! By repairing your frames instead of replacing them you will save ££££’s. We can get your faulty frames working like new so there’s no need to replace!

From replacing misted windows, cloudy or broken double glazing to repairing locks, handles and hinges, we have you covered!

Based in St Helens, we cover all the surrounding areas including Liverpool, Warrington, Wigan and Widnes. So why not call us on 01744 22252 or get in touch to arrange your FREE quote today.

Window Repairs

We offer Window Repairs for many different types of windows.

Door Repairs

We repair UPVC doors in St Helens and Surrounding areas.

Replacement Glass

We offer different types of glass to replace the glass in your windows or doors.

Same Day Windows

We provide emergency units with our same day turn around service.

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'A' Rated Windows

Our windows ensure the best thermal insulation for your home.

Emergency Units

Call Us today for a Same-day service.

Successful Windows and Door Repairs

Areas We Cover

Areas We Cover

We cover the St Helens and surrounding North West areas.

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Acorn Works, St Helens

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    20 September

    The Essential Guide to Trickle Vents: Why Your Home Needs Them

    In the realm of modern home design and energy efficiency, ventilation often takes a backseat. However, ensuring a continuous flow of fresh air in our homes is crucial for both health and comfort. Enter trickle vents, the unsung heroes of modern ventilation. In this guide, we’ll explore the manifold benefits of trickle vents and why […]

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    A close-up view of a misted double-glazed window with visible condensation between the glass panes.
    19 September

    Understanding and Addressing Misted Glazing

    Introduction Picture this: You wake up on a chilly morning, craving a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise outside your window. But instead of a clear view, you’re met with a misty, fogged-up pane of glass. Misted glazing can be a frustrating issue for homeowners, affecting not only your view but also the energy efficiency and […]

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    A close-up view of a misted double-glazed window with visible condensation between the glass panes.
    31 October

    When Should You Replace Old Windows?

    We often get asked if it is a good idea to replace old windows with new and better performing windows to save money.

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