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Door Repairs

When you have an issue with you upvc door, it doesn’t necessarily mean your door has to be replaced. In fact 99% of the time we can repair your door and get it locking like new. We can save you thousands of pounds by simply adjusting the door or replacing one of the damaged parts, like the locking mechanism, Door handle or hinge.

There are lots of commons problems that can arise with your door, these can be from lack of use to over use or in some cases just bad installation.

Some problems we see include:

Seized or broken locking mechanisms

Snapped or damaged handles

Broken or seized hinges

Dropped doors

Door Adjustments

Door Panels

Failed or Misted Double Glazing

We can even upgrade your current locks to high security, anti burglar locking cylinders.

The cost of a new door could costs you well over £1500! Why pay £000 when you can have your perfectly good door repaired for a fraction of the cost. We specialise in repairs! so we have no salesmen that use pressure tactics to convince you to replace your faulty door unnecessarily. So get in touch today for your free no obligation quote

When you have a faulty or drafty door the heat from your home a rapidly escape, leaving your rooms feeling cold and costing you money in the process. With the price of energy such as gas and electric going through the roof, it makes sense to get your windows and doors fixed to stop all that heat from escaping. Having failed, cloudy or misted double glazing is similar to having single glazed windows as the seal has broken down on the unit so there is no barrier to keep the heat in. We can even give you a quote to upgrade your glazing to energy efficient glass, which stops even more heat from pouring through your windows.