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Absolutely not! your double glazing can be replaced easily at a fraction of the cost of changing the frames.

Weather can be a major contributing factor to unit failure. If the unit is getting constant heat it the summer, the units will break down quicker than ones in the shade. Another reason for units failing is incorrect installation. If the glass isn’t sat on its packers correctly the glass will slide and break the seal on the unit.

“A” Rated units are made with a coated glass on the inside. This coating reflects heat back into your home. They are also filled with Argon Gas which is denser than air effectively insulating the airspace between the glass stopping heat loss.

Drafts from windows are usually caused by faulty hinges. Over time due to the weight of the glass the hinges can bend. This leaves a gap around the window sash letting in drafts. Another cause on older UPVC frames can be perished gaskets. This is the rubber seal that goes around the glass, due to the weather this gasket can shrink and become brittle and even start to fall out.

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