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Based in St Helens, we cover all the surrounding areas including Liverpool, Warrington, Wigan and Widnes. So why not call us on 01744 22252 or get in touch to arrange your FREE quote today.

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Looking for double glazing in Liverpool?

Why buy new when you can save time and money with a fast, efficient and cost-effective repair?

Whether it’s a problem with misted windows, a broken pane, a damaged door hinge or a faulty lock, Crystal Clear Glazing can help.

As the first choice for UPVC door and double glazing repairs in Liverpool, we cover all local areas – and all manner of problems!

Why not access your free quote now or contact the team on 01744 22252 to find out more about what we do?

Window Repairs in Liverpool

Double glazing not only holds the noisy hustle and bustle of the city at bay, it also keeps you warm and safe. Great – when it’s working properly!

Failed double glazing not only causes frustrating misty windows but it can also affect your security too. Poor-fitting panes, a damaged hinge or a broken handle preventing proper closure, can all compromise safety. So it’s important to get them sorted – quickly.

At Clear Glazing we offer a speedy fix for all manner of double glazing repairs and misted windows in Liverpool, at a fraction of the price of a full replacement. Don’t put off fixing things, get in touch today.

Door repairs in Liverpool

Problem with your door? It doesn’t have to mean the expense
of a full replacement. Broken handles, damaged hinges, we’re highly experienced
at fixing all manner of door repairs in Liverpool. Whatever the issue, our
friendly team can help.

Broken locks

Security is important wherever you’re based but in a busy city, it’s more crucial than ever.

Broken locks are often the cause of window and door jams. So if a lock on your door or window breaks, or the frame starts to stick, call Clear Glazing. We can simply replace the locking mechanism and will have your premises back fully secured in no time at all.


Poor ventilation can really impact a room, causing smells to build up and problems with damp. To keep air flowing, we can fit trickle vents to your double glazing in Liverpool, allowing air to escape and helping to keep things fresh.

Get in touch for double glazing and door repairs in Liverpool

To find out more about the services we offer or for a detailed quote, why not get in touch with the team?

Access your free quote for window, door or double glazing repairs in Liverpool now. Alternatively,  call us on 01744 22252, email info@clearglazing.co.uk or fill in our enquiry form and we’ll be back in touch soon.