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Problems with your windows or doors? We are here to help!!

We offer a full window and door repair service. We can resolve any issues with your windows and doors. From misted units to drafts and broken locks. Problems with your windows can occur no matter the age of the windows or doors. Causes of the issues can range from incorrect installation to weather or general wear and tear. Whats ever the problem, We have the solution. 

Window and door repair service

Misted or Broken Windows

Over time your double glazed units will fail. This can be due to weather or just incorrect installation. Our team can come out and give you a quote on the spot, then arrange to replace your double glazing whether its in Timber frames, UPVC or Aluminium.

Lock replacement


Window and doors get jammed from time to time, excessive use over time or poor quality products can be the cause. We can open jammed windows and replace the locking mechanism. If the window or door wont lock we can simply replace the lock.

Window and door repair service


Another main cause of windows and doors not locking or opening correctly is the handles. The spindle can wear overtime and even become detached from the handle. This issue can be resolved by replacing the handle.

Window and door repair service


Faulty hinges cause drafts! The hinges on your windows can bend out of shape. This stops the window sash returning to its original position when closed causing a gap to appear around the edge. A new set of hinges with fix this problem so your window will close tight to the frame.

Quality Promise

We will beat any like for like quotation. All our work is guaranteed and fully insured to give you peace of mind. We only use top quality products when repairing your windows and doors, ensuring your windows and doors work and look like new.


Quality Guaranteed


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