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Double glazing repairs in Warrington

Got an issue with your double glazing in Warrington?

Don’t waste your money on a replacement. In most cases, the issue can be very easily fixed – and opting for a repair is usually a much quicker, more convenient and budget-friendly option.

As leading specialists for window and UPVC door repairs in Warrington, we’re here to help. Whether you’re having difficulty with a faulty lock, a damaged door frame, broken handles, or cloudy glass planes, our skilled engineers can visit your property and resolve the problem in no time.

So why not contact us for a free quote? Or call 01744 22252 to find out more about what we do.

Window Repairs in Warrington

Double glazed window units can fail at age and issues can arise for many different reasons – ranging from incorrect installation to general wear and tear and weather damage.

One of the most common problems encountered is cloudiness. If condensation has started to appear between the glass panes, this typically means the seal has broken and is no longer working as it should be. But there’s no need to buy new. We can fix misted windows in Warrington – quickly and professionally – at a fraction of the price of a full replacement.

We can also assist with loose and broken handles, damaged hinges, jammed locking mechanisms, cracked panes etc. Whatever the issue with your timber frame, UPVC or aluminium windows, you can rely on us to provide a speedy and successful repair.

Door repairs in Warrington

Spotted a fault on your UPVC door?

Again, don’t rush out to purchase a replacement. 99% of the time, a quick fix is all that’s required. From snapped handles and seized locking systems to broken hinges and dropped frames, our skilled engineers can help with a wide range of door repairs in Warrington.

Why buy new when you could save yourself money? Whatever the issue, we can ensure your door is working like new, potentially saving you thousands of pounds.

Broken locks

Not only are jammed windows and doors a real nuisance, they can also compromise the safety of your property – creating a fire risk and reducing security. And it’s important to get them sorted quickly.

A broken lock is usually the cause. So if your frames have started to stick, give us a call. Rather than replacing the entire unit, we can simply replace the damaged locking mechanism – allowing the unit to open and close once more, without a huge expense.

We can also upgrade your locks to high-security anti-burglar locking cylinders.


Condensation that appears on the surface of your windows and doors is usually due to poor ventilation – and there’s a very simple solution. To allow damp air to escape, and promote good air circulation, we can install trickle vents to your double glazing in Warrington.

These can be fitted in any type of window or door and are a cost-effective solution.

Window and door repair services in Warrington

Here at Crystal Clear Glazing, we’re known across the Northwest for our outstanding window and door repair services. We may be based in St Helens, but our reputation extends across the surrounding areas – and we’re frequently called upon for double glazing repairs in Warrington.

Want to find out more about double glazing repairs in Warrington?

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