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Based in St Helens, we cover all the surrounding areas including Liverpool, Warrington, Wigan and Widnes. So why not call us on 01744 22252 or get in touch to arrange your FREE quote today.

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Double glazing repairs in Widnes

Frustrated by misty windows? Problems with a UPVC door?

You need Crystal Clear Glazing.

As your one-stop-shop for door and double glazing repairs in Widnes, we can save you the time – and expense – of completely replacing windows and doors.

Capable of fixing 99% of common door problems, and all manner of window concerns, we can not only save you huge sums of money, but also the disruption and hassle of a full refit.

What’s not to love? Find out how much you could save and access your free quote now. Or get in touch to talk in more detail to a member of the team.

Window Repairs in Widnes

Double glazing not only holds the noisy hustle and bustle of the city at bay, it also keeps you warm and safe. Great – when it’s working properly!

Failed double glazing not only causes frustrating misty windows but it can also affect your security too. Poor-fitting panes, a damaged hinge or a broken handle preventing proper closure, can all compromise safety. So it’s important to get them sorted – quickly.

At Clear Glazing we offer a speedy fix for all manner of double glazing repairs and misted windows in Liverpool, at a fraction of the price of a full replacement. Don’t put off fixing things, get in touch today.

Door repairs in Widnes

Perhaps even more frustrating than experiencing issues with your windows, is encountering problems with doors.

Whether from over (or under!) use, or a poor fitting in the first place, damaged handles and hinges can all affect the functionality of a door, making it difficult to open and close, even preventing it from closing or locking properly.

Thankfully we can easily fix all manner of problems. So if you need help with a door repair in Widnes, get in touch.

Broken locks
Not only can a broken lock leave your property vulnerable to intruders they’re also a common cause of window and door jams.

Get damaged locks fixed, fuss free, with Crystal Clear Glazing. Our experienced team can diagnose the problem quickly and, if needed, replace the full locking mechanism to have your windows and doors fully functioning in no time.


Suffering from dampness? Help humid air to escape and improve ventilation with trickle vents. Designed to allow air to flow freely and prevent problems with damp, they are a great investment and can be easily fitted by the team.

Window and door repair services in Widnes

New windows and doors can be a significant outlay and, more often than not, an unnecessary one!

Centred in nearby St Helens, the service of our experienced team is often called on for clients experiencing problems with double glazing in Widnes and further afield. But wherever you’re based, and whatever your problem, we’re happy to help. 

Want to find out more about double glazing repairs in Widnes?

To discover more about what we do or for a competitive quote, get in touch with the friendly team here at Clear Glazing today.

Call us on 01744 22252, email info@clearglazing.co.uk or fill in a few quick details on our enquiry form and we’ll be back in touch soon to discuss how we can assist with your door or double glazing repair in Widnes