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What causes misty windows?

Misted double glazing can be easy to ignore, but failed windows can be more troublesome than they look.

If condensation is forming between your window panes. It means that there is a break in the seal of the double glazing that is allowing in moisture. This is usually due to physical damage or poor fitting. When the seal is broken the double glazing isn’t doing its job of keeping the heat in your home, and your energy bills will be more and more expensive.

Replace your failed double glazing

Window glass replacement is what we do! There is no need to replace your whole window frame. With over 15 years experience in the glazing industry we can remove the glass and replace it for new energy efficient double glazing, all at a fraction of the cost of changing your frames.

Replacements for any type of window

From UPVC frames to Aluminium & timber. We can replace your failed double glazed units in any type of frame. We can also match your existing glass like for like, Whether it be a bespoke leaded design, coloured glass or a specific glass pattern.

About our glass

All our double glazed units are manufactured to the highest standard. We only use Pilkington's glass and the units are manufactured locally in St Helens.

An available option for your replacement double glazing is upgrading to ‘A’ rated glass.

‘A’ rated double glazing looks the same as standard double glazing, however it is made with an energy efficient coating on the inside of your home and is filled with a gas called Argon. The combination of having the energy efficient glass and Argon gas is effectively like having insulation over your windows. This will dramatically reduce the heat lost through your windows.